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Sarah Thursday Illustrations was started in Halloween 2013 to expose my works to the world, and to motivate myself to continue my journey as an illustrator and designer. I enjoy traditional illustrations and rustic colours, and find joy in producing works that reach beyond my imagination and boundaries. That said, my techniques and illustration styles are constantly inspired by traditional, gothic and Victorian influences.

Born and raised in Singapore, a country where education comes first, and art is not as appreciated than in the Western world, I strive to showcase my creative side and be part of the growing local art scene. Thus, fresh out of graduating from my major in illustrations from Visual Communications, I decided to start this personal business from nothing. I figured, if now's not the time, it never will be.

Within this span of time, I've now ventured from simple paper products to handmaking my own hardcover journals and right now, into creating apparels for daily wear. I believe in producing quality products with a human touch in it. I feel that mass-produced items lack any meaning in them, other than just practicality. Therefore, all items are originally illustrated and are either handmade, or personally curated by myself. Apparels are locally sourced and of superb quality as well. 

Thank you for your time and also for your support to grow this dream of mine.

For any enquiries, please reach me on

To follow me on my daily journey as an independent illustrator and maker, find me on Instagram @sarahthursday or Sarah Thursday Illustrations on Facebook.