Sarah Thursday in Japan - Osaka

Sarah Thursday in Japan - Osaka

This japan trip has been an extremely memorable holiday for me being my first time there, and one I'd like to never forget so I'm writing blog posts that I can look back on next time! & of course, to share with you my fun adventures with @kiripaca (Paca)! 

We went to Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo - Chiba for the duration of 2 weeks <3 Which I'll be splitting up into different posts as I'd like to go in details :3  

Day 0 - While we were supposed to arrive in our Osaka apartment early evening, our transfer flight was delayed by 3 hours so we reached around 8pm.

From the airport, we took a limo-bus and then about a 20 min walk to our apartment. We booked an airbnb in Kitahorie, one of the hipster neighbourhoods in Osaka (from my knowledge) and it was a quiet, peaceful yet really interesting hood <3 Together with our huge luggages, we climbed really narrow & steep steps to our 4th floor apartment. 

We couldn't do much that night except unpack and prepare for the next day. After washing up, we walked to the nearest Family Mart - kobini heaven - and got ourselves some late dinner & breakfast for the next morning *_* 

For dinner, we had microwaved (yet amazing) yakisoba, pasta salad 


Day 1 - Waking up in a traditional Japanese apartment was surreal. Looking out the window and taking in the peaceful sight was even more surreal. It was simply blissful.

We had konbini mentaiko onigiri and coffee for breakfast, and yes it was super good.


On today's itinerary was Universal Studios Japan!

We took the public train there, got slightly lost, but managed to reach there around 10+am! Remember this was Summer in Japan. It was really, really hot, comparable to SIngapore on hotter days. We walked around exploring the ginormous USJ and got ourselves ticket to Harry Potter world for the 3:15pm slot. 

The 3 hours we had before Harry Potter, was spent watching the cutest skit of One Piece live action with water action (the Luffy was really cute!), having lunch at Amity Landing Restaurant, a lovely fast-food diner set in a Marine theme and taking a ride for the Jaws park! 

 Finally at 3pm we went to wait to go into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! It was seriously the highlight of the entire USJ trip <3 The setting and atmosphere was just on another level, if only it wasn't hot af in summer ;-;

You'll be greeted with the Hogwarts Express train right at the entrance >

After Harry Potter, we loitered around a little more, went to a boring show which we fell asleep at due to being too tired but managed to catch sunset which is spectacular af ;-;

 After the tiring day, we walked around looking at anime merch and neko merch at cute shops right outside USJ ~ Had a quick coco curry meal then headed back to rest!


Day 2 - I had my usual onigiri & coffee breakfast and we headed out early! Saw an adorable small ice shop in our neighbourhood and got ourselves some Melon Ice <3

After that, we took a peaceful train ride to Nara Deer Park~

Before exploring deeper into the park, we went to a homely diner near the station and had one of the cheapest & homeliest lunch there ^o^ I had a simple ginger pork set and Paca had a salted salmon set. *Getting hungry just talking about this... This set with ocha was only 750 yen?! <3 

Thirft shops are my weakness. After lunch, we headed into a really interesting one, with really nice decors and atmosphere! I got myself a pretty vintage black dress with white embroideries at 4500yen :3

After that we headed deeper into the deer park, past all the bigger temples and managed to find ourselves herds of deers <3 Oh they were so friendly & adorable!!! 

This deer below kept gently nudging the uncle selling the biscuits for treats, exactly like how a cat would annoy his owner >_> SO CUTE!!!!! I loved this deer so much~


We bought 150yen deer biscuits as treats for them cat-behaving deers! They even bow to ask for biscuits, legit.

When we took this photo, the deer was actually nudging my legs with his head >_< We also had a rest on a bamboo bench at a traditional shop selling ice and refreshments <3

After our visit to Nara Deer Park, we went to Mizuno at Dontonbori just for the best Okonomiyaki ever!! Thank you paca for finding this place *_* It was the bombz.

We had to queue for about.. 45 minutes iirc, but it was worth every minute of wait. When we got in, we were starving and that was the perfect mood - seated at the bar in front of the grills as the chefs prepared our okos right in front of our eyes. He pushed the ready okos to our side, still hot on the grills, and we DUG IN!! =3= (Gosh it's 2am now as I write this and I'm so hungry T_T)

Had time after that to shop around and went to the men's H&M to find myself the perfect ripped sweater <3

Went to take a look at the famous Glico etc. signboards too.


The later part of Osaka will be posted soon as this post is already getting too long ;-; Paca and I really packed our every day's schedule tight to get as much stuff done as possible, making the trip so so fulfilling ^o^

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and look forward to the next :3


See yall soon

Sarah Thursday