First Solo Exhibition - Selfies with everyone! <3

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who made the effort and time to come down for my first ever solo show <3 
Not everyone's here but these are the selfies that I managed to take with mostly my phone! I enjoy them so much and please save your pics if you see yourself :3
In no particular order because the photos jumbled up T_T
Will try to leave messages for all of you as much as possible but please don't worry if I can't write it all JUST KNOW I LOVE ALL OF YALLS MUA.
Here goesss-
Hi Sam and Jae! Finally managed to catch you both and have a proper talk with you guys! ^o^ You both are extremely friendly, humble and warm, I really enjoyed our time together with the cats especially with Skittles noisy ass excited meows <3 I know I'll see yall again soon so catch yall around! Always stay amazing!!!
Hihi onigiri and kitty! Thank you girls for always appearing at my markets and supporting me all the time! Please do not feel shy talking to me! huhu I don't bite! Many hugs and love to you both and I foresee many more photos and meeting at markets in future! <3 

HARRO MY TWO BESTIES AND YOUR PARTNERZ! <3 Thank you for making time down despite jas flying off and peishy being the busy mugger she is <3 You guys know I love you and I always appreciate how we can connect with telepathy. Aiya talk to yall again dont take up space here fuck off love yall. #foreveralone single af but loved by you both :3
YO YOU TWO CUTIPIES!! Thanks for being a bombass model Natasha and Gwn for being sucha badass friend. You both manes so damn thick, jealous. Catch yall around!

Harro Karl and noisy gurllll, whom I both love very much! Thanks for spending an hour and half with me and many more years of friendship ahead!! Let's go parteh when Claraonmars is back from London!!!! WOOP.
Yosukeeee! Thank you so much for squeezing time to come down despite having to mug for finals and having little experiences with kets! I realllllly appreciate you opening to these babies! Always willing to help you interact with them if ya wants!! Thank you for cosplaying all my favourite characters and doing them so damn well ;-; See you around soon (with stickers finally hopefully)
Also thank you for the bottle and sunflower (which I've dried and hung in my room!) 
Hi Rachel and Annice!! Thank you for coming as well despite finals omg!! You both are really adorable and I hope you enjoyed the show and cats :3 Thank you Rachel for bringing your friend again on Sunday and for listening to my playlist! I hope you liked my recommendation and hit me up if you need any more! Thank you for the tiny cactus, it's safe away on my shelf near the sunflower :3

Hi cuties! (below still got 2 photos from my photog friend Ryan)
Thanks for showing your support on Saturday morning! I hope you both enjoyed the show, cats and my old works! Would absolutely love to see you both again! <3
Hi dear Beverley and friend!! Thank you so much for coming! Bev I'm looking forward to your show next year <3 Good luck for preparations, always love your spontaneity in your works!
Thanks for coming! You girls were so friendly and amazing! Please always remain positive for the future ahead <3

Hi ho! Thank you for coming lovelies! You both were so cute and friendly! HAIKYUUUU WOOHOO, I love karasuno but nekoma is <3 <3 <3 KENMA AND KUROO SHIP
Hellllo! You both were absolutely bubbly and cheerful and it really contribute to the lively atmosphere! Always remain happy and strong <3
Hey sab and kev! Thanks for coming back and showing support! Always admire your dedication to rescuing and helping poor stray kitties out there. Good luck on everything and see you all around <3
Hi Mike and gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by after work! Good luck on your cafe and coffee endeavours! I can't wait to drink something you made! See you both around <3
Hi Fiona! Hope I remembered your name right! :3 Thanks for coming with your brother(?) and friends!!! I absolutely enjoyed talking to you and the photos! Hope to see you around~
MICHHHHHHHHHHHH! So happy to see you and your friend!! I hope you enjoyed the show ^o^ Happy I could finally talk to you abit more and glad you found a good job! See you around, always love your fashion and feed. LOVEEEE please style me everyday.
Hellooo, so sorry I didn't get to talk to you much >: Thanks for coming and what a beautiful smile you have!! 
Hi Candice and Wendy! Aiyo I love you both so much, you both are prolly one of the supporters I always always see! Always making time to head down to my markets to chat and support and I really enjoyed our time together at the show. To more conversations and laughter <3
Hello beautiful! <3 I think you're one of the girls I managed to talk to for quite abit during the show! I really enjoyed our conversations about cosplay, anime, (acne cures?! LOL) amongst other things (: I look forward to seeing you at AFA and other events!
Hi Marieee! Always inspired and in love with your embroidery and illustrations! Thanks for coming and keep doing what you're doing love
Hi sweeties! Thank you so much for coming! Thank you fiona for one of the most beautiful (or may I say shuai) portraits of me WITH A NEKOMATA!!! Legit almost cried when I received it. Please keep on drawing and both please continue to do fabulous cosplays <3 You both are absolutely adorable.
Hello sweethearts! Bubbly lively and infectious! So happy to meet you both at the show and keep staying positive!
Hello!! Thank you for the massive support at the merch booth and for coming to spend time with me and the kitties! I hope you all enjoy the merch and show! (:
Hello! Thank you for your interest in my works despite only knowing about it when I invited you as a staff from the cafe :3 Thanks for coming and supporting!
Always love seeing you both at markets and always grateful for your support!!! TO MORE TO COME SEE YALL AROUND AHHHH
Thank you girls for spending 3 whole hours at the show! I hope you enjoyed yourselves :3 Look forward to seeing you both again soon!
Stay quirky, cute and amazing yalls <3 See you guys around at gigz and marketz and artsy farts stuff duhhhhh <3
Thanks for coming dear! Sorry I didn't have much time to talk to you! I hope you enjoyed the show see you around! <3
Hi Jarin! Thank you for coming and finding me through paca! I really enjoyed our chat together and all the best in school and design!!
YO WHASSUP SINNNN!! THANKS FOR COMING FELLOW FANGURLLL. MM forever and all the rest of the anime hell, pour it on us, we are ready to die. 
Hello hello absolute cuties! So happy to meet other vkei fans out there and relive the spirit of jrock together <3 you both were so friendly and sweet and the millions of hugs are loveee. Also thank you for the gift!
WAZZAP MIYACHU AND TATAMACHI SRY I ONLY RMB IG NAMEZ hahahaha THANKS FOR ALWAYS SUPPORTING!! I love seeing you both around, remembering our time last Halloween at the other memorable market <3 
Hi dear! I'm so sorry I was half-dead with allergies when I met you! But I hope our conversation helped you to continue your journey in arts despite your parent's disapproval! Keep honing your craft on the side :3
Fuck off izwan HAHA KIDS thanks for helping with the shoot with Nat and for everything else! Keep going with alt f4 dood!
Hello Elsa and Fuli!! THANKS FOR COMING you two fashunable peepo! Hope you enjoyed the show and good luck with studies in Lasalle!!
Kimberly thank you for helping out and being such an amazing friend!!! We both started our labels together at the same time and got to know each other 3 years ago because of this! Always keep positive and may UltraaViolets grow to be an amazing colourful quirky brand <3
Vernice you know I am forever indebted to you for always helping me without asking for anything in return. You've been a major major help in everything and helping my label grow the past year. <3 I am always ready to help you as well so please let me be your slave :3 DOREEEE