Afterwords - Solo Exhibition The Nocturnal Project

Afterwords - Solo Exhibition The Nocturnal Project
Some photos from the show - Taken Saturday morning as soon as we opened. All photos credited to Ryan @ryanrylie from Actually SG. Thank you so much for perfectly capturing the mood and atmosphere of the exhibition set in my 2nd home, Neko no Niwa. Utterly touched by these memories. Just unforgettable.
I look serious but I was actually just leaving a note saying my book was a guest book and drawing the outline of Jia Jia's body on my book. (,: 
If you read my old work from Poly - Stone Cold or Melancholy, you would know how much this photo of me and my dad means to me. He doesn't live in Singapore and he flew back that night but came down to my show anyway. I couldn't send him off but I'm so glad he could finally see in reality what his daughter does for her living and that he was part of her dream come true.
-lol fuck crying so hard now it's lame-
My mum hates taking photos but she came the day after with my brother's family. She's my best friend, my comfort, my all. I love her so much. 
Also to everyone who expressed concern over my family's situation because of reading my publication Stone Cold and Melancholy, that was like 5 years ago la, CHILL!! I'm extremely happy with where I am now, and so are my family (: Please don't be worried. You guys are now my family too.
To Vernice @kiripaca, although we may have our differences at times and all, I really appreciate you being such a great help and major part of Sarah Thursday. I hope we can keep opening up to each other and continue to make this friendship blossom. Thank you for everything.
To everyone that was part of Sarah Thursday, modelling for my works, merch and creating this beautiful lookbook of gorgeous people, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
To Zeal, Hikarin, Kanae, Natasha. To Kimiperi, BeatrizMariano, Yapo, Anna Ormhet, Haylee, Julia Vinter and many more.
& of course to everyone who supports me, whether you could make it for the show or supporting me from the e-world. Whether local or international, just anyone who takes an interest in what I do, thank you. thank you. thank you. 
I can never say it enough. You all are amazing people with the most genuine appreciation. I'm so happy I managed to shake hands and hug lots of you. To have had heart-to-heart conversations with you all and to have shared this surreal experience with every single one of you.
Eternally grateful, Always humbled by all your support. 
Much love, to everyone. Sarah Thursday