The Local People X S.A.M Night Festival Art Market

Last Saturday, I set up booth at Singapore Art Museum's Glass Hall for the annual Night Festival! It was one of the best venues yet because of the air condition and bright lights!
I was beside my favourite market buddies, Kimberly of UltraaViolets & Vernice of PacaMerch and they are such great company! & the best thing was my mother came along to help me and support me for the first time at a booth!! If you came by, you might have seen her hahaha! She got us drinks from Starbucks and some food, although she also happily ate away at my Salted Egg Yolk fries before the market started >:
This time's market was 90 vendors strong, including food & beverage vendors.
The turn-out was a record breaking number of 10,000 people! And it's true! The Glass Hall was packed with people from 7PM - 1AM, imagine that. Even before the event started, some people already came to snatch up some tees.
Anyways, this post is heavily dedicated to all of Sarah Thursday's supporters. Somehow after this market, I realize how blessed I am to have started this personal journey selling my own merchandise and to actually make it to what I am today. Without you guys, your massive support & continuous encouragement, I will not be able to look forward to fulfilling my dream everyday. 

I managed to break my sales this year from the 2014 TLP X SAM Night Fest Market and reach new heights I never thought I could reach. This year's [Yokai] Project received such a great response! "Neko" Tees and the new "Okami" Tees were sold out. [Mortality] & [Blessings] Tees were also a great hit and sold out for that night. I truly feel so grateful to you guys.

With this, I'm pouring it back in to improve on my service, packaging and merchandise; I'm really excited to do so! Sarah Thursday can only surge on to be bigger & better with your support. Rest assured I'm not a spendthrift (ask my friends!), and all my earnings are saved for the future of this amazing dream I'm living and to constantly provide new merch for you guys.

I am really humbled by this experience and will continue working hard! Thank you TLP for providing a great platform to showcase my works.
Have a blessed week ahead and thank you for reading (:


Love, Sarah Thursday
*P.S. Thank you Jasper for proof-reading my bad grammar at 1am