Sarah Thursday's 2nd Solo - The Seiza Show

Hello everyone!

My 2nd exhibition will once again be taking place at my 2nd home, Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa! I've been a proud member of the cat slave team, working for the kitties for 3 years now~ I'm really excited to be inviting you to join me and my label as I release 2 new artworks, and new merchandise + exclusive merchandise for the show as well!
Please read the forms carefully and fill them out if you would like to come to the show! I look forward to seeing everybody there and also to making new friends this February 2018!
The Seiza Show - Exclusive Upclose and Personal Session (Max 20pax) 02 February, Friday 5-7pm. Register your interest here :
The Seiza Show - Normal Entry. 03-04 February, Sat & Sun. 10-7pm. Please make your reservations for your slot here. First 180pax will be entitled to a door gift by yours truly!
Some photos from my 1st solo show in October 2016 :
Thank you Ryan for most of the photos!