Daydreamer Tee - DTG Transition

Daydreamer Tee - DTG Transition
Hi all you lovely people! 
Thank you for taking time to read this post (:
The reason why I'm writing this post is because I want to remain transparent to you guys on how I price my merch. It is only fair to let you guys know because I always try to keep them affordable yet exclusive.
As you guys probably know, I just launched the Daydreamer DTG Tee in limited pieces of 10 for the TLP Art Market on Good Friday.
DTG stands for Direct to Garment Printing and I found undoubtedly the best DTG printer I've seen; the print is crystal clear and has almost zero hand-feel. As I've mentioned on Instagram, the major drawback is that cost is much higher than my current Heatpress printing (which is also 100% clear, just that there's a layer of print on the shirt)
Don't get me wrong, Heatpress is amazing and I've had zero complains about it from supporters that have purchased my tees. DTG is just a step higher as I'm always trying to improve and perfect my merch.
The Daydreamer DTG Tee is going for 45SGD, a slightly higher price as my cost of printing is from 1.5 times to 2 times my Heatpress cost, depending on the quantity I order. So to keep cost down I have to hit a certain amount each time I order, and that's why I only printed 10 pieces to test the response. In no way am I trying to increase prices just for profit reasons; I really want to keep everything at a reasonable and affordable price for you <3
I can assure you this printing is the best quality DTG I've found, I'm so utterly in love with the texture and look. The response for the DTG has been going great and I only have a few pieces left so I'm opening up Preorders. Come down to the market to see whether it's worth it! I'll keep one sample piece to show you all! 
Due to the great response, I'm opening up Preorders for the Daydreamer Tee from today (22 March, Tuesday) to 28 March, Monday worldwide. You may order online ( Click Here ) or at my art market on Friday if the stocks run out.
Preorders will take about 2 weeks to print and send out.
Really appreciate all your support from the bottom of my heart (:
Hope this helps you understand this transition and see you guys on Friday!
Have an amazing weekend <3