Zeal & Hikarin X Sarah Thursday

Zeal & Hikarin X Sarah Thursday
July 4th was definitely a milestone for Sarah Thursday, marking my first ever physical collaboration and photoshoot. I had the honour of working with two amazing individuals, Zeal (@ke_er15) and Hikarin (@__hikarin) for my latest Nocturnal Project! It was a really rare opportunity as they are from the States and were visiting Singapore for Cosfest.
 I really would like to thank Zeal and Hikarin for committing a day of their trip to Singapore for this shoot. The weather was hot af and they had no complaints about wearing the sweatshirts, were 100% professional about everything and overall just lovely lovely mythical beings.
*Photos from my phone - Camera photos not yet uploaded*
I first invited them to visit my workplace, Neko No Niwa, to play with our 13 furbabies before we headed out to shoot. After introducing the Daydreamer & Nightwalker Tees/Sweatshirts to them, they changed into the outfit and were the perfect fit for Sarah Thursday's vibes <3
We grabbed a cab to Haji lane after the hour long visit at the cat cafe, and four of us, including Vernice (@kiripaca) who helped to shoot with her camera, scouted for a good place to shoot. Hikarin and Zeal managed to find this perfect spot hidden behind two trash bins; We moved the bins away and got down to shooting. They were naturals in front of the camera, and were extremely professional :3 Getting great photos was not difficult with their perfect styling and photogenic looks.
After we were done with that outdoor spot, we headed to a cafe along Haji Lane for a break. As we went up to the second floor of the cafe, we were pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous vintage decor and rustic feel of that space! *_* We all unanimously agreed that it was the perfect place to shoot after our break. It was 3pm so there were no other customers around and we got the entire place to comfortably shoot and roam around.
To end off the shoot, we stopped at the alley outside which was filled with graffiti and beautiful red windows for a few more shots. The final shots were with the Daydreamer fabric poster I recently got done!
Post-shoot, Vernice and I brought them shopping before their next appointment! We headed to Craft Assembly (a shop full of locally-made products and vintage dresses), Grammah and MUJI after.

For me personally, this was an extremely surreal experience. Honestly as an independent label, I learn everything on my own; I'm not a professional photographer, nor a professional PR person or stylist or business person or anything. Just a human hitting 23, trying to live her passion and now stepping out of her boundaries to make Sarah Thursday grow. However, I have amazing friends and supporters behind my back and I can grow only because of everyone's help. Thank you Zeal & Hikarin for being understanding, and giving me a chance to shoot you guys! It really means the world to me. A huge huge thank you to Vernice for helping me photograph them, finding magazines for inspiration and overall, being there for me. Could not have done this without you <3

This experience will no doubt help Sarah Thursday grow tremendously and elevate the label. I'll be working on a catalog including photos from this shoot and previous collaborations with beautiful people from around the world! Posters will be up as well for the exhibition in October :3
Nightwalker Tees will be released online very shortly - Please keep your eyes peeled to my instagram! Thank you everyone for caring about my label, reading this and being excited together with me!
2016 will only be filled with more and more crazy fun stuff so join me on this journey and I'll bring you guys along with whatever plans I have in stall <3 <3 <3
Have an amazing week ahead! Til the next post~
Love, Sarah Thursday


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