It was just the greatest blessing to be able to work with Beatriz (@beatrizmarianophotography) 

I've followed this stunning creature for more than a year now and back then I was a fresh tiny brand, making paper products etc and just starting out on apparels. I really wanted an opportunity to work with her but I wanted to grow my merch and brand before approaching Beatriz.

I'm forever in love with her self-portraits and her gorgeous facial profile. Her make up and style are unique and out of this world. 

A year later, I finally had approached to this beauty and she turned out to be the one of the sweetest, most amazing girl I've ever spoke to! <3 She was very patient and nice despite the parcel being held at the customs.

This was my first time ever sending an outerwear for a collaboration and I'm so happy to have sent the Mortality Sweatshirt over to Beatriz; Who took some beautiful shots as soon as she got the parcel and sent me extremely high-res files shortly after <3

(You can preorder all the outerwears and it takes about 1 or 2 weeks to send out!  I guarantee absolute comfort and warmth, and amazing print. I love them so much and bring them out to movies, malls and all! Great for school too :3

The reason they are on preorder is because I'm still a one-man label, the cost is too high to get them in bulk and my 'warehouse' is the tiny flat I live in overflowing with merchandise. Appreciate your patience & support <3 )

I absolutely love Beatriz and her photography, so do check her out on Instagram!



Thank you so much for working with me, Beatriz sweatheart *_*



Sarah Thursday



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