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[ Pride ] Tee

[ Pride ] Tee


 赤 Akai is Sarah Thursday's 2019 project on the seven sins, a series where the red ropes symbolise bondage to a certain sin. 

Pride is born out of human ego. Ego can perhaps be one of the most toxic traits of a person, as it results in self-centredness and less empathy for those surrounding them. Ego can be a huge obstacle towards connecting with others on the same level and is often something we constantly have to take note of.


Pride was designed with chinese imperial elements and the ropes on her crown represent that feeling of superiority. Her hands block her from engaging with others on a humbling level.

I hope that as people, we may constantly seek to understand others and put down our egos to be kinder to everyone around us <3



Made from thick quality 100% cotton
Extremely comfortable material.
Available in Unisex M, L and oversized.

Each piece is carefully silkscreened by hand and has an amazing touch feel. Silkscreen creates a beautiful raw detail to the shirt.

Printed front and back.

Machine wash cold is okay, hang to dry recommended,

Tee Measurements:
(In order of shoulder, chest & length)

Medium size: 45cm, 48cm, 70cm
Large size: 48cm, 50cm, 72cm

Oversized: 54cm, 57cm, 78cm