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[ Envy ] Vinyl Sticker

[ Envy ] Vinyl Sticker



 赤 Akai is Sarah Thursday's 2019 project on the seven sins, a series where the red ropes symbolise bondage to a certain sin.  

Envy is born out of the toxic habit of comparison. Looking at everyone else’s “perfect” lives through a screen, she becomes blinded by jealousy and is in the game of crushing her enemies.

However, life isn’t a competition with others, it is what you make it to be and your own unique journey <3



Every vinyl sticker is waterproof, scratch-proof and peels off without residue. They measure approximately 12cm in height, each piece individually handcut by myself.

They are extremely durable, can last for years and can be placed on most surfaces, even on bottles and can be washed!

Purchase any 5 stickers/cards in one order to receive another random one on the house!