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[ Akai ] Shoulder Bag
[ Akai ] Shoulder Bag

[ Akai ] Shoulder Bag


Akai means "Red" in Japanese. It is my logo for the Akai project which is my series exploring the seven deadly sins. The red rope symbolises bondage to a certain sin, and this logo depicts the cutting of the red noose ; A representation of the breaking free of our guilt and struggles we all face from our sinful nature.


Specially sourced and then printed locally, I've always wanted a shoulder bag so I figured why not make one myself! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

Bag measures 22cm height by 19cm width. A perfect and convenient size for handling everyday errands and outings! Straps are adjustable according to your preference <3

*Tip : Spruce up the bag with badges and chains! Customise the bag according to your own style~ ^_^v