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*Preorder* Coloured [ Gluttony ] Tee
*Preorder* Coloured [ Gluttony ] Tee

*Preorder* Coloured [ Gluttony ] Tee


**SPECIAL PREORDER PHASE : 18 MAY - 26 MAY. (Orders will be processed after 26 May, and printing takes about 2 weeks)

Expected fulfilment period : 10-14 JUNE <3 Thank you for your patience!


 赤 Akai is Sarah Thursday's 2019 project on the seven sins, a series where the red ropes symbolise bondage to a certain sin. 

Gluttony is just a couple of happy boys with their favourite snacks! It is my first time attempting to illustrate so many food items into one piece and I really enjoyed creating this fun piece. Do you see your favourite snack here too?

A surprised coloured version due to popular demand for tees! <3 Hope you enjoy looking at those delicious snekkkks!


Made from thick quality 100% cotton
Extremely comfortable material.
Available in Unisex M, L and oversized.

Each piece is heatpressed, thus printing and colours are exact to the artwork! 

Printed front and back.

Machine wash cold is okay, hang to dry recommended,

Tee Measurements:
(In order of shoulder, chest & length)

Medium size: 45cm, 48cm, 70cm
Large size: 48cm, 50cm, 72cm

Oversized: 54cm, 57cm, 78cm