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On Illustrations & Inspirations

Hi lovely people! Thank you for taking time to read this. Today I'll be writing about something I get asked alot: "What is your inspiration, where do you get it from?" I get perplexed on how to answer this question because 'inspiration' is a vague & large term to me and I hate giving short generic answers to this, so I decided to answer this in a blog post once and for all! (: To answer this, I have to go through my part-by-part thought process because I get inspired through the many steps of one illustration as they are very detailed. Do bear with me and this wordy post! Thoughts - About being inspired to start a new project or...

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The Local People X S.A.M Night Festival Art Market

Last Saturday, I set up booth at Singapore Art Museum's Glass Hall for the annual Night Festival! It was one of the best venues yet because of the air condition and bright lights! I was beside my favourite market buddies, Kimberly of UltraaViolets & Vernice of PacaMerch and they are such great company! & the best thing was my mother came along to help me and support me for the first time at a booth!! If you came by, you might have seen her hahaha! She got us drinks from Starbucks and some food, although she also happily ate away at my Salted Egg Yolk fries before the market started >: This time's market was 90 vendors strong, including food...

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Hello everyone! As new as this blog space may be, I'll be trying to keep it active by posting various experiences on my journey as an independent illustrator, event updates, exciting collaborations and more! Are you as excited as I am?! --- ART MARKET EXPERIENCES 2014 --- Sarah Thursday launched on Halloween 2013, with only paper products such as cards, bookmarks, paper stickers and prints. My first memorable art market was at National Design Centre organized by Public Garden in March 2014, and that was 5 months after opening online! My first batch of Handmade Journals & Raw Canvas Totes appeared that weekend, where I collected preorders for both merchandise. While the Raw Totes were not that well-received that time,...

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